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Protective measures for persons who have stayed or recently visited (within the last 14 days) areas where COVID-19 is spreading
  • Follow Protective measures guidelines
  • Isolate yourself by staying at home. If you have any symptoms, even mild ones, e.g. running nose, cough, high temperature, ask your neighbour or your relative to do shopping for you or walk your dog. If you have to leave the house, put on a mask to avoid infecting other people.Why? Avoiding contact with other people and visits in medical facilities will allow these facilities to work more efficiently and help protect you and others from COVID-19 and other viruses.
  • If you develop a fever, cough and have breathing difficulties, seek medical advice immediately, as this may be due to a respiratory infection or other serious illness. Prior to the visit, call and inform your doctor about any recent travels or contacts with travellers. Why? If you call your doctor first, they can quickly direct you to the appropriate medical facility. This will also help prevent possible spread of COVID-19 and other viruses.