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Soap and water and alcohols in concentration of 60-80% are virucidal (also coronavirus) dissolvents. Remember to use attested hand and surfaces disinfectants. Growing interest in disinfectants caused malpractice of many suppliers using unlawful business practices, we therefore inform that DEZONTOX products that we offer are dedicated to hygienic and surgical hands disinfection, they are biocidal and the product is authorised by the decision of the Polish Regulatory Office for Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products. –Permit no. 0156/TP/2020. Products that obtained this license guarantee that their virucidal performance is supported by medical tests. Choosing our products you are guaranteed they are satisfactory..


The aim of surgical hand disinfection is the reduction of bacterial flora and elimination of microorganisms from hands of surgeons for the time of surgery. It is the necessary method used in combination with the protective clothing, mainly surgical gloves. Hand hygiene during the surgical operations is the most important mean of protection against crossed infections. It has to be remembered that surgical gloves do not give fully effective protection due to possibility of micro-cracks through which the microorganisms can penetrate. Products we offer are intended to be used for surgical hand disinfection and have clinically tested biocidal features. The alcohol-based products have proved to be of irreplaceable efficiency over the years. The use of the alcohol mixtures enables to reach wide biocidal spectrum, proper for hospital and surgical conditions..

  1. Wash hands with gentle washing liquid by at least 1 minute (choose the one that does not contain alkaline soap, the so called synthetic soap, which does not irritate skin as much)  
  2. Dry hands thoroughly with paper towels or sterile material.
  3. Apply the disinfectant on dry hand- in this case elbow touch or automatic dispensers are used. The automatic ones allow the contactless liquid dosage, but the reserve of batteries has to be monitored and secured. The dispenser should allow the regulation of the liquid dosage.
  4. Rub the disinfectant into the skin with small portions, gradually for 3 minutes. If proved by clinical tests, disnifectant can be rubbed in for only 1,5 minute, but it must be stated in the product leaflet.
  5. Firstly, it is necessary to disinfect hands and forearms up to elbows.  
  6. Next, we disinfect the lower part of forearms, leaving hands for the end.
  7. During surgical disinfection hands need to be wet with the disinfectant all the time. Only in this way will it work effectively.
  8. The last dose of disinfectant has to be rubbed into hands until dry.
  9. After the disinfection hands and arms need to be dry. Only then the surgical gloves can be put on (one or two pairs)