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Time for the change of habits. Find out how to minimize the risk of COVID-19 infection. According to this knowledge and obeying the simple rules we can protect ourselves and our relatives. Please remember to wash your hands frequently and provide the disinfectants that will help in maintaining adequate hygiene of hands when you have no access to soap and water. Please remember that apart from your hands, surfaces such as desks, tables, counters, handles, sockets and everyday use objects: mobile phones, keyboards, car wheel, or glasses also have to be disinfected. Keep yourself updated with all COVID-19 information, posted on WHO website and released indirectly by domestic and local public health institutions. The vast majority of infected people experience mild course of illness and recover well, but for some people it may have much more serious impact. Take care of your health and protect others, performing the activities below:

Wash your hands frequently- disinfect your hands regularly or wash them with soap and water. Why? Washing your hands with soap and water or disinfection with alcohol based disinfectants kills viruses you may carry on your hands.

Keep social distance. Stay at least 1 meter away from those who are coughing and sneezing. Why? When someone coughs and sneezes, they spread small drops of liquid from nose and mouth which may contain virus. If you are too close and a person next to you is the vector of coronavirus,  drops of coronavirus may get into your respiratory system.

Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. Why? Your hands touch many surfaces and may spread viruses. Contaminated hands may transfer a virus to your eyes, nose and mouth. The virus may then travel to your body and cause infection.

Practice the hygiene of your respiratory system. Make sure that you and people around you  follow the respiratory system hygiene rules. This means covering your mouth and nose with your elbow or single use tissue while coughing and sneezing. It is necessary to dispose of the tissue immediately. Why? The virus spreads by the airway. Obeying the hygiene rules of the respiratory system, you protect yourself and people around you against the influenza and COVID-19 infection.

If you have a high temperature, cough and breathing difficulties, seek for medical help immediately. Stay at  home in you feel unwell. If your temperature is high and you experience breathing difficulties seek for medical help according to instructions given by your local health institution. Local authorities will have the most updated information about the  situation in your place of living. Contact the doctor or call the  NHS helpline that answers questions and gives instruction of the procedures to follow. This will protect you and will help to stop the spreading of the virus and other infections

Keep yourself updated and follow your doctor’s instructions. Be up to date with all the newest research and achievements regarding COVID-19.  Browse and . Follow the Ministry of Health, local public health institutions or your employer’s guidelines saying how to protect yourself and others against COVID-19. Why? Domestic and local authorities will be in possession of the most updated information about the COVID-19.